Poster Presentation on the Evaluation of ADCTP from the November 2012 APHA Conference

Evaluation of the Appalachian Diabetes Control and Translation Project


In 2011, the Prevention Research Center, Washington University in St. Louis conducted an in-depth evaluation of the Appalachian Diabetes Control and Translation Project (ADCTP).  Patricia Thompson-Reid from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attended the 2012 APHA Conference in November and did a Poster Presentation on this evaluation. To view the PDF version of Pat’s poster presentation click here.

A summary of the research is described below.



To determine the effectiveness of the coalitions in facilitating healthy behavioral and environmental changes and social organizational structures that support diabetes prevention and control in Appalachian counties.


Multi-methods evaluation including

  • Quantitative assessment of coalition membership, activities, and perceptions of successful outcomes
  •  An analysis of patterns and commonalities among the coalitions
  •  In-depth case studies of five coalitions.


  • The coalitions provide valuable services to their communities
  • Coalition members have been able to change social and environmental conditions to provide opportunities to members of their community to practice healthy behaviors such as walking and good nutrition.
  • The coalitions can effectively facilitate social, policy, and environmental changes that enhance the successful implementation of evidenced based practices and can be sustained over time.
  • Coalition leaders are effective at developing community connectedness in Appalachia
  • Coalitions could benefit from:
    • Enhanced communication with state diabetes coordinators and other Appalachian diabetes coalitions for resource and idea sharing.
    • Enhanced reporting of activities to facilitate ongoing evaluation.
    • Guidance for establishing and maintaining volunteers and partners.
    • Encouraged strategic planning to increase sustainability

Contact us if you are interested in more details on the evaluation.

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