How to become a workshop leader?

  • Attend four day leader training;
  • Co-facilitate one six-week workshop as a trainee, preferably within two months of being trained.


Leaders are expected to:

  • Co-facilitate at least one six-week workshop every year;
  • Attend the yearly update/networking meeting within 12 months of completing leader training.


Organizational and Leader Commitment

Organizations sending participants are committing to the initial four days of training, plus the time for coordinating and providing at least one six-week community program within the three months following the training. Organizations also commit to sending Marshall follow-up information about workshops and participants using forms provided by Marshall.


Selection of Leaders for Training

Participation is limited to 20 people, with priority offered to registrants demonstrating the following capacities:

  • Commitment to offer the six-week workshop within one year of being trained (preferably within three months);
  • Organizational ability to support promotion and implementation of the program;
  • Organizational teams of two or more, including peer leaders with chronic conditions;
  • Ability to reach diverse audiences including low income and high-risk populations.


Training Cost

Currently, the four-day Leader Training is offered at regional training centers at no cost due to organizational support from the WV Diabetes Prevention and Control Program and the WV Healthcare Improvement Initiative.  As part of the training, trainees will receive all training materials including the Leader Manual and copy of Living a Healthy Life book.


Support to Leaders


Marshall staff will provide support and technical assistance for:

  • Planning workshops
  • Recruiting workshop participants
  • Leading workshops
  • Ongoing self management skill development and program maintenance
  • Reports to organizations about program use and demographics
  • Webpage recognition of accomplishments and link to other program leaders
  • Annual skill building workshop


When a leader schedules their first workshop, they can submit the attached Resources for Leaders application and receive the following:

  • Easel
  • A set of Write On Cling Sheets for workshop charts
  • A set of Sharpie markers for making charts
  • A dry erase board
  • A set of dry erase makers
  • A Living a Health Life book for every person registered for the class (cost of $18.95 per book)