CDSMP Leader Trainings

Marshall Center for Rural Health is licensed to provide training and support for two evidence-based self management programs developed by Stanford University. The Chronic Disease Self Management Program (CDSMP) is a six-week workshop for people who have or who provide support to people who have one or more chronic conditions. The Diabetes Self Management Program (DSMP) is for people who have or provide support to people who have diabetes. The role of the CDSMP or DSMP leader is to facilitate the six-week, two hour a week group of 12 -15 people. Leaders always co-facilitate with another leader. No previous knowledge about chronic illness is necessary because all teaching is done from a detailed leader’s manual. What are the requirements to become a Help Yourself Program Leader?

Who is an ideal Help Yourself Leader?

The Ideal Leader is someone who:

  • Has a chronic condition or diabetes themselves, or has life experience of living with a family member with a chronic illness or diabetes;
  • It is helpful if leaders have attended a workshop as a participant prior to being trained but this is not required;
  • Is not fearful of public speaking;
  • Is able to commit to a four day leader training;
  • Is interested in helping people learn how to make healthy behavioral changes;
  • Is comfortable working with a partner to present the program as written in the Leader’s Manual;
  • Is committed to volunteering in a healthy aging program.