Announcing the Request For Proposals for the West Virginia Oral Health Coalition Support Project: Investing, Connecting, and Achieving

The purpose of the West Virginia Oral Health Coalition Support Project is to prevent and control oral disease by strengthening community/regional oral health coalitions. The project goal is to establish community level coalitions and then provide assistance to them to organize around the problem of oral health. Assistance will include planning, implementing and evaluating projects that help communities work toward the goal of eradicating dental disease in children. It is expected that program participants will include community organizations, citizen groups and individuals that have come together to address oral health. This project will help establish new coalitions in four regional areas through capacity building and community mobilization.

Organizations are invited to compete for one time grant funding which shall be used to establish and develop a community level oral health coalition within their serve area. These local groups will be charged to implement specific strategic initiatives aimed at addressing oral health problems. These are based upon Evidence Based Programs (EBPs) such as Community Water Fluoridation, Fluoride Varnish Project, and the age one dental visit initiative. EBPs have been proven to provide health benefits for people of all ages, at little or no cost to the organizers or participants.


DQ Mini-grant Application 2015 – PDF

DQ Mini-grant Application 2015 – WORD

DQ Mini-grant Guidance 2015- PDF